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A September 2007 trip to Munich by ripplefan2

Hotel Perlach Photo, Munich, Germany More Photos
Quote: I mean, Oktoberfest was awesome, but Munich has tons more to it that is just as crazy.

Hotel Perlach

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Hotel | "Perlach Hotel"

Hotel Perlach Photo, Munich, Germany
Now, since I booked my Oktoberfest airline tickets so late, finding a decently priced hotel in munich during that 16 day event was no easy task. After some true searching and a little help from, I came across Hotel Perlach for not too terrible of a price. After arriving in munich, we decided to head straight to the hotel for a shower and a little rest before heading out, but finding this place was no simple task. Since this hotel doesn't really have a website and there is nowhere on the internet that explains how to get there correctly. So, we took the train to a stop near by and then walked until we found it. I would not suggest this, but we ended up finding an easier way...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on October 17, 2007

Hotel Perlach
Pfanzeltplatz 11
Munich, Germany 81737
+49 (89) 70088333


Attraction | "The Wombat"

Wombat Photo, Munich, Germany
While having a quick bit to eat after exploring the Oktoberfest grounds, we ran into this group of Americans who invited us out for drinks later that evening at their hostel's bar. We got their names and room number and then headed home for a rest before heading out again. When we got back to the center part of Munich, we got a little lost, but soon found this Wombat Hostel on Senefelderstraße 1. It's actually really close to the Haufbanhof train stop, so it's an easy find. We entered the hostel, and this part bugged me out, we went straight up stairs without anyone asking who we were. There was actually no one at the desk when we entered or left; it was a bit shady. Anyway, we found our...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 17, 2007

Senefelderstraße 1
Munich, Germany D-80336
+49 89 5998 918-0