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A March 2000 trip to Pompeii by millsy99

Ancient City of Pompeii (Pompeii Scavi) Photo, Pompeii, Italy More Photos
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Pompeians had unusual taste in art Photo, Pompeii, Italy
The Vettis' House, The Tragic Poet's House, The Jupiter Temple, the Temple of Apollo, and the Civil Forum.Quick Tips: Wear comfortable shoes!! Pompei is much larger and more spread out than I imagined. The streets are (obviously) quite crude and you could easily twist an ankle here. Be careful, take your time and enjoy the history. There are lots of dogs hanging around Pompei...please advise your children not to pet them. Our tour guide said a lot of them have weird diseases.Best Way To Get Around: Walking is the only way to see Pompei (I don't even know if it's considered handicapped-accessible). If you have special needs, you might want to call ahead and make sure they can ac...Read More

Ancient City of Pompeii (Pompeii Scavi)

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Ancient City of Pompeii (Pompeii Scavi) Photo, Pompeii, Italy
Pompei (or Pompeii) was once a thriving city of several thousand people. When Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79, the townspeople were completely surprised. They didn't know that the huge mountain looming over their city was even a volcano. The area was covered by ash over 6 meters deep and was never reinhabited. ~~~~ When the excavations began in the 15th century, it was discovered that the town was remarkably well-preserved. Entire villas, stores, and squares have been uncovered. They even developed a method similar to plaster-casting in which corpses have been preserved in agonizing poses as they tried to escape their death. ~~~~ Work has been done at the site, more or less continuously, and...Read More

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Ancient City of Pompeii (Pompeii Scavi)
Naples, Italy