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A July 2001 trip to Kansas City by Ioanda

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Quote: Are you visiting KC? Do you want to relax after a busy business day? Are you bored with casinos, slot machines, video poker, billiards room and all other staff very well explained in the city guide? No problem! Take a ride and try to discover the "non-guide-documented" town.

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Cow Parade! Photo, Kansas City, Missouri
Known as the “Heart of America”, Kansas City doesn’t just get its nickname because it is located within 250 miles of both the geographic and population centers of the nation; the city will charm you with its big-hearted graciousness and hospitality. And the heart of KC is the Central Station. Start your discover from here! Quick Tips: KC is a city that doesn’t take care of boundaries. Be sure, at least in the first day here, where the hotel is. It is not good at all, after 23 hours trip, to take a cab, to know that your hotel is near 100-th Street and the taxi driver to ask: "110-th? Where?" "In Kansas City, OF COURSE!!!" "Yes, but in Missouri or in Kansas City." I answer, in doubt, accor...Read More

Chase Suite Hotel by Woodfin

Hotel | "Chase Suite Hotel"

Chase Suite Hotel by Woodfin Photo, Kansas City, Missouri
When you search first time for a Chase Suite Hotel, it is, somehow, difficult to find. Approaching to your destination, you'll see a wide area with many two floor houses. OK, a nice residential area. Where is the hotel? ... These hoses "is" the hotel!

..services for business travelers ...features all the comforts of home... families enjoy suites with a fireplace, two TVs, kitchenettes, plus a complimentary grocery shopping service ...swimming pool, spa and exercise room ...ideal for extended stays and business or leisure travel.

A real home away from home!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on February 26, 2002

Chase Suite Hotel by Woodfin
6300 W 110th Street Leawood
Kansas City 66211
(913) 491-3333

Walk & Drive

Attraction | "A night ride"

Walk & Drive Photo, Kansas City, Missouri
I don't know others how are, but, after a busy day, I like to walk around. I realize very soon that this is impossible in an American town. Here, everything is big, including the distances. So I try to change the walk with a ride. On Metcalf Avenue there are a lot things that you can admire in the night.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on July 23, 2001

Walk & Drive
Metcalf Ave.
Kansas City, Missouri