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Day Trip to Fredericksburg, TX

An October 2007 trip to Fredericksburg by

Quote: Hopped in the car for a day trip to Fredericksburg, TX to see the Admiral Nimitz Museum and whatever else the town had to offer.

Day Trip to Fredericksburg, TX


My mom's in town visiting and we heard from a neighbor that Fredericksburg is a nice place to spend a day so with little else to do in San Antonio, we hopped in the car and checked it out.There are lots of little shops on Main St to keep you occupied, but the main attraction is the Admiral Nimitz museum. It's a pretty good museum with lots of artifacts on display plus a real Japanese min-sub you can actually touch! A great feature of the museum was the use of authentic period sound effects to create an atmosphere of realism--my son was actually afraid to go into the "airplane room" (his words; he's five).Quick Tips: Don't try to park on Main St on a Saturday afternoon. Just turn off...Read More