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Maplehurst Inn Bed and Breakfast getaway Knoxville

A September 2007 trip to Knoxville by dustincurtis

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Quote: We stayed at a charming Bed and Breakfast ...The Maplehurst Inn ...after our truck broke down on I75
Parlor Photo, Knoxville, Tennessee
Thank you Sonny & Becky: Innkeeper/Host/Owners of the Maplehurst Inn My wife and I and our just purchased Ford F-550 were driving home to Florida. As we reached the top of a steep Mountain stretch 15 miles from the Kentucky / Tennessee border we lost power & coasted to a stop just beyond a deep ravine against the mountain side.(We'd moments earlier called a Bed & Breakfast we determined would be another 1.5 hours drive, The Maplehurst Inn.) We called and AAA sent a great tow truck driver who said the truck would need repairs and it was late Saturday night so he suggested we find a place to stay. We decided to tow to Knoxville about 85 miles south and we s...Read More