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Night Life in Seville

A September 2007 trip to Seville by ripplefan2

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Quote: There is so much to do in Seville, with the majority of it located near the river. I didn't get to do it all, but here is what I saw.

Night Life in Seville


There is so much to do in Seville latenight that its kind of ridculous. I imagine that that a Sevillian doesn;t even fully understand all that their city has to offer. I understand that dillemna fully,as I am a New Yorker and only know a portion of New York's fun. However, since Seville is hundreds of years old with traditions coming out of every facet of the city, their night life is a little crazier. Most of the real fun late night spots that we came across were located near the river on its boarding banks. I personally have never liked the idea of getting smashed and wobbly near an open river, but they do it perfectly. Triana, a fabulously demented hotspot (see that journal), a high reccommen...Read More

Frontside Bar


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After walking over the Triana, Elizabeth II, Bridge, we hung a right and wanted to walk along the river and enjoy the evening atmosphere. Not 5 minutes down the road, we ran into this small little hut with tons of people surrounding it called Frontside. The blue neon lights pulled us right in as if we were two flies being pulled into an electric zapper.Feeling the need for a Cruz Campo, Seville's main beer, we immediately ordered up two from the three skater bartenders. When he asked for 3 euros, I nearly crapped myself. 3 euros for two beers is such a steal that we had to stay for a couple before heading back. All around Frontside, there were scores of young Spanish peo...Read More

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