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An October 2007 trip to Columbia by Jypsies32

Quote: A brief overview of a one-night stay in the Five Points district near USC, Columbia.

Inn at Claussen's

Hotel | "Claussens Inn"

Formerly a German bakery, this hotel seems more like it's teetering on the line of being a B&B, although technically it calls itself an Inn. There are unique lofts available with spiral staircases; complimentary wine and bourbon on the bar downstairs; lots of framed art (not my style, but Southerners love the pretension, and I just go with it). Overall, it’s interesting. I do dig the lion's head fountain in the lobby-- mainly for the pattering water sound when you leave your room. Continental breakfast delivered to your room. There are fun restaurants/shops nearby. It’s within walking distance of USC's campus. It’s probably a popular spot for Gamecock fans during football season. Rooms seem slight...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on September 30, 2007

Inn at Claussen's
Columbia, South Carolina 29205



If Frank Sinatra and Picasso had decided to create a spot for a good martini and evening repast, they would have come up with Goatfeathers. While the lighting is dark, the red votive candles and makeshift lighting created out of empty wine bottles strung with red Christmas lights, make for a romantic ambiance. Art reminiscent of the surrealists hangs on the wall: red lips, random doll heads, and Picasso-esque local art hangs on the walls, yet it does not seem too much. It doesn't make one morose nor does it seem Gothic. Miles Davis was on when we were there. Ashtrays abound although no one smoked. (There was even an ashtray in the Ladies' restroom). We ordered Oysters Rockfeller pizza which was a good...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on September 30, 2007

2017 Devine St.
Columbia 29205