Victoria Falls Journals

Day at the Victoria Falls

A June 2005 trip to Victoria Falls by tylerhardage

Quote: A day at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Day at Victoria Falls

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It has often been said that the human race would be happier as a civilization if it reverted back to primitive life. Maybe that is because everything would seem much simpler or perhaps because there would be less things going on to make us unhappy. Either way, I do believe that getting away from technology and all its conveniences is helpful at times.Two summers ago I was with five friends walking down a dirt path. We could hear the roar of water crashing from a great height about a mile away. The jungle on either side of the dirt path was full of luscious shades of green. As we walked the sound of the crashing water grew louder and louder until finally it felt like we were in the middle of a ...Read More