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Perfect Wedding Ceremony

A September 2007 trip to Cozumel by ksborn73

Passion Island and Beach Photo, Cozumel, Mexico More Photos
Quote: Island wedding ceremony at Passion Island.

Passion Island and Beach

Attraction | "Passion Island (Isla Pasion)"

Passion Island and Beach Photo, Cozumel, Mexico
We had the best wedding ceremony I could have ever imagined. Diana was our wedding planner and she was wonderful. She did everything I wanted down to a tee! The flowers were beautiful, the wedding pictures were great, the island was awesome, and the beer was cold. It was beautiful. Passion Island is about a 10-minute boat ride north of Cozumel. People on cruise ships can ferry over to it for $75 per person. It is well worth it! Passion island (Isla Pasion in Spanish) is also where the Corona Commercials are taken.

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Passion Island and Beach
Abrigo Bay 1 Mile North Of Punta Norte
Cozumel, Mexico 77600
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