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A Week in Acapulco

A July 2007 trip to Acapulco by PerdidoBlonde

Mirador Acapulco Hotel Photo, Acapulco, Mexico More Photos
Quote: A week's trip to Acapulco in July.

Mirador Acapulco Hotel

Hotel | "Hotel El Mirador"

Mirador Acapulco Hotel Photo, Acapulco, Mexico
An old hotel in Acapulco in the El Quebrada District. It is dated, not very modern, but they are currently renovating rooms and the renovations are great! It's reasonably priced. Get a room overlooking the world-famous cliff diving - four times a day and you'll have a back-row seat! Be prepared to climb stairs -this hotel has tons- elevators (outside/mountainside only) not working the whole week I was there - and there were only two anyway. From my room, was 426 steps to the closest pool and back, uphill! Not for the timid of heart! A wonderful hotel, though if you aren't requiring first class!Rooms, as stated, were dated but plenty of space. We had a queen bed and an l-shaped c...Read More

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Mirador Acapulco Hotel
Acapulco, Mexico 39300

Acarey Boat Trip


If in Acapulco and you want to take a nice boat ride, get tickets for the Aca-Rey - it takes a leisurely tour of the Bay and just outside the rim. It was about a 4 hour trip and was very pleasurable. The drinks are included and it is narrated, in Spanish and English. For a view of the beautiful celebrity homes and hotels around the bay, this trip couldn't be beat!

We purchased tickets from a guy at the airport (deeply discounted attraction/tour tickets but you had to do a "time share" tour to get). We paid $20/apiece but I think full cost is around $35. To me, it was well worth it to get the waterside view of the area!

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Barco Palao

Attraction | "Palao "

Another boat trip! We took a ride out to Palao, a restaurant at the tip of Acapulco Bay - another view of the harbor and a leisurely ride out. When you disembark at Palao, you have preselected your dinner and you wander around, can take your snorkel and fins or rent them there for $7. We took one of the earlier trips out during the day and came back on the last trip back in to enjoy snorkeling - not the best in the world but definitely fun! We had selected grilled baby lobster - oh, it was so fresh and wonderful! They were a little chintzy on the drinks in my opinion but we were there all afternoon! We weren't drinking alcohol and I felt that water or soft drinks (in small cups) should flow freely in ...Read More

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Barco Palao
Costera Miguel Alemán, s/n.
Acapulco, Mexico 39390
+52 74 839512

Acapulco Fishing


We visited the main Pier in Acapulco and rented the time of two young men, Humberto and Juan for a deep sea fishing trip. While I have been on many in and around Florida, this was my son's first. I selected to take it easy and document the trip by video. My son fished.Suggestions: talk to the folks around the docks, check out the boat;  if you want a nice, accommodating boat, you're going to certainly pay more. We paid $200 US for four hours. The boat was of sufficient size but was not "luxury" by any stretch of the imagination. We didn't expect this, however, we were out there to fish and enjoy a beautiful summer day.The guys took us out of Acapulco Bay and in...Read More

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Just a few shots around one of the larger market areas in Acapulco. Shopping there was unimpressive to me. There were a couple of very nice jewelry stores but otherwise, nothing that was out of the ordinary. Be prepared, when in Acapulco, to take a lot of taxis - most are unairconditioned VW Beetles - rates vary widely - always ask! If you choose to walk, the "downtown" area is doable - if you go to the cliff diving/El Quebrada, be prepared to climb hills. We did quite a bit of both!You can arrange with a driver to take you to a location and wait for you - please be courteous and return when you said and the driver will wait all day if necessary to hold his promise to you. Pay him for ...Read More

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