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Chathom Manor

A March 2007 trip to Fredericksburg by donna42mass

Quote: How something so serene now could have been horrible long ago.

Chatham Plantation


I had to go back, I had first gone there in 2006. I had wondered about this place and knew I should go there. I often travel with my daughter to historical sites up and down the east coast. It is no accident that I finally came to Fredericksburg, VA. I had planned this trip so many times, then one day I finally just went. I had read in books about Chathom Manor, how the Union Army held up there and how it served as a hospital for the battle in 1862. I had read about how the cries can still be heard at night when all the visitors leave... I am also a part-time ghost hunter. An adventurous hobby. This Manor is the perfect place for regular history buffs or paranormal enthusiasts. The vie...Read More

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Chatham Plantation
120 Chatham Ln.
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405