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Chicomostoc/La Quemada

An October 2001 trip to Zacatecas by María Dolores Bolívar

La Quemada Photo, Zacatecas, Mexico More Photos
Quote: A bastion of civilization located, literally, in the middle of nowhere...

La Quemada

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La Quemada Photo, Zacatecas, Mexico
Believed to be the mythic place where Aztecs remained 9 years previously to entering the Valle de México (today Mexico City). All there is for us to research, today, is a group of columns, an observatory and a few other buildings made of stone, suggesting the existence of a much larger city. Known as "the door of civilization", La Quemada is named "the Burnt place" as it is believed it actually burnt around the year 1100. A wall, four meters high and four meters wide, stands as evidence of a Citadel, or a Refuge that could have been home to the last Teotihuacans.When Spaniards set foot in the region, people living in the area were Caxcanes and Chichimecas. It is believed "chichimeca" translate...Read More

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La Quemada
Villanueva Municipality
Zacatecas, Mexico

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