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La Quema de Judas

A March 2002 trip to Zacatecas by María Dolores Bolívar

Quema de Judas Photo, Zacatecas, Mexico More Photos
Quote: Burning of Judas... Religious traditions are informative and culturally charged.

Quema de Judas


Quema de Judas Photo, Zacatecas, Mexico
Burning of Judas is an Easter tradition. People gather at a central spot and effigies of Judas are burnt, publicly. Though it seems planned by the city, it is not. In Zacatecas, it is organized by a group of communicators who help promote themselves to attract tourism (a local radio station -Estereo Plata- leads the way). The rest is the product of collective imagination. The will of the burnt “Judas”, usually a politician, is read to symbolize the deeds he will have to accomplish while in Purgatory. The will consists of last minute repentance instructions. Everybody pokes fun at this otherwise cryptic tradition originating in Orthodox Catholicism. A more festive Burning of the Judas takes place in Je...Read More

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