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To Pike's Peak

A September 2007 trip to Colorado Springs by Stevenlynn

Pikes Peak Photo, Colorado Springs, Colorado More Photos
Quote: Everything that I experienced hiking in Colorado Springs.

Pikes Peak

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Pikes Peak Photo, Colorado Springs, Colorado
So depending on what hike you are doing that day is what determines your start time. If you are gonna hike to the  summit, aka the marathon hike, you need to start at 5am or earlier. This is recommended due to the chance of running into some day storms when you reach timberline. All in all this hike was amazing; it required some endurance once you reached timberline if you want to keep a certain pace. The last thirty minutes of the high is what they call the 16 golden stairs which are 16 switch backs to the top of the summit. At this point in my hike I thought I was gonna die... okay it was really not that bad but you see I am from Texas and the attitude got to me fast. Having finished it I ...Read More

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Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak Highway (at Highway 24)
Cascade, Colorado 80901
+1 800 318 9505

Barr Camp


Barr Camp Photo, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Talk about the perfect places to rest. You can not ask for more than what you find at Bar Camp. That is unless you are really picky and you hate the outdoors. Here is what you find at Bar Camp. You have been hiking up hill for at least 7 miles you are a little tired from the early start and you need a refuel. Your first sign of hope is the wooden gate that signals about another 1/4 mile. Then you walk up to a bridge over a little creek and several log cabins. The first being the biggest, is Bar Camp. Here you will be greeted with a very joyful lady that always seems to say hi to everyone she sees even if she is in the middle of conversation with you. You can get anything from snacks to dehydrated camp...Read More

Barr Camp
P.O. Box 422
Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829
(719) 390-5555