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The Spirit of Tartu

A June 2007 trip to Tartu by Barnswallow

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The Spirit of Tartu


The Hanseatic town of Tartu, known as Dorpat auf Deutsch until the turn of the last century, is nestled between Toomigagi Hill and the Emajogi river. It is said that the first written records of Tartu date back to 1030 and since then, the town, which has now developed into a city, has been victim to attacks and attempted and successful sieges by th powerful nations of the time - Russia, Sweden, Poland, and Germany. Tartu's stunning classical architecture, although not ancient in comparison to other European medieval cities, has been a focal point of the old town since the town's revival in the early 1800s. A series of fires almost completely destroyed Tartu's medieval aspect but the town was lovingly ...Read More
Estonian Field Museum Photo, Tartu, Estonia
Outside of Tartu, in the village district of Ülenurme, the Estonian Agricultural museum, housed in a 17th century manor, can be visited in spring and summer and it is a lovely place for both young and not so young alike. It's a popular place for school outings because of the fantastic range of exhibitions presenting everything from details of local wildflowers, animal skeletons, old household implements, old horse carts, and different kinds of grain.The main draw of the museum though is its superb collection of old combine harversters, vegetable machines (potato pickers and the like) steam engines, tractors, and mills. You can view a an old style blacksmith at work in his workshop, (built 1886) vi...Read More

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