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Riverridge Golf & Camping Park

An August 2007 trip to Bracey by Jennifer Dalton

Quote: It is located off 58 towards Virginia Beach, before South Hill. It has got a big pool with diving board. Lots are on Gaston Lake but are occupied. We broke part of our hitch pulling in. A nice man steered us across the street to have it welded. We were back in 30 minutes.

Riverridge Golf & Camping Park


There are lots of roads to ride your golf cart on and an Olympic size pool with diving board and lifeguard. There is also a snack bar next to the pool. It has got big shelters on each size of pool for shade and fire rings at each campsite.

Quick Tips:

Bring plenty of blocks and jacks to level your camper, just a whee bit hilly.

Best Way To Get Around:

Golf cart!

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Jennifer Dalton

Jennifer Dalton
Axton, Virginia