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Shelling Tour to North Island

A September 2007 trip to Georgetown by angrygrrl

Rover Boat Tours Photo, Georgetown, South Carolina More Photos
Quote: Carolina Rover Shelling Tour failed to live up to my expectations.

Rover Boat Tours

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Rover Boat Tours Photo, Georgetown, South Carolina
Caveat emptor is the name of the game here. The Carolina Rover Shelling Tour goes out at set times of the day, leaving from the port of historic Georgetown, SC, at 9am, 1pm, and 5pm. The difficulty with this is that these times do not coincide with the tides, and despite the ads proclaiming this trip as "the best shell collecting on the Carolina Coast," be aware that if you reach the barrier island at or near high tide, you most likely will not find any decent shells.The cost is $28 per person, and they don't take credit cards, so come with cash in hand.If your main reason for booking this trip is to collect shells that you can't find elsewhere, please check the tides and try t...Read More

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