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Nicaragua - Isla del Ometepe Journal

A September 2007 trip to Ometepe Island by Todd W.

Quote: A quick journal of a few days spent on Isla del Ometepe.

Ometepe Journal

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The trip to Ometepe from Managua is exhausting. Train, plane, taxi, bus, taxi, boat, taxi. It took about 5 hours from when I hit the ground in Managua to get to my place on the island. Managua itself for a major city looks bombed out, since they never rebuilt from the earthquake they had in the '70s (the aid was snatched up by the US-backed dictator, the people revolted, the war began, and the rest is history). The bus was hot and crowded and very, very sweaty, especially since I had to hold my backpack on my lap for 2.5 hours. Luckily I sat next to a native and we talked for a long time in Spanglish, very nice guy and good on the travel advice. When I got to Rivas I took another very short cab ride t...Read More

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Todd W.
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Ometepe Journal
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