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An August 2007 trip to Montauk by jn625

Lakeside Inn Photo, Montauk, New York More Photos
Quote: Montauk is well on its way to becoming another Hamptons outpost. Ideas for my most favorite place on the planet.

Lakeside Inn


Lakeside Inn Photo, Montauk, New York
The Lakeside Inn in Montauk evokes many memories. Not of the many boozy nights spent in its previous incarnation as a hot night club among the young working/holiday Irish kids and those who love them - but as a tween driving out to Montauk with my family on a Friday night the sounds of crickets morphing into a pumping disco beat. When I read in New York magazine that the Lakeside (once low income housing/club) is now a chic minimalist inn my interest was mildly piqued. I saw many bad user reviews online - but not until our other, cheaper Hotel options fell through did my boyfriend and I decide to plonk down $275 a night for a weekend trip at the Lakeside. We made a reservation a week in ad...Read More

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Lakeside Inn
183 Edgemere Road
Montauk, New York
(631) 668-3455

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