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No More Bob Marley! Hippy Heaven in Montanita

A July 2007 trip to Montañita by Shady Ady

Casa Blanca Restaurante Photo, Montañita, Ecuador More Photos
Quote: There's more to the hippy hanguout village of Montanita than just Bob Marley, juggling and playing the bongos, even for a non-hippy like myself.

Casa Blanca Restaurante

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Restaurant | "Casa Blanca"

Casa Blanca Restaurante Photo, Montañita, Ecuador
Situated below the hostel of the same name is one of the best eateries in this surf and hippy hangout. Being such a popular destination on the backpacking circuit food prices are higher than in the neighbouring villages of Puerto Lopez and Manglarito. Even so, Casa Blanca turns out to be excellent value for money, offering a wide range of well prepared and unique, tasty dishes of both international and Ecuadorian flavour.Elsewhere along the coast the majority of restaurants serve freshly caught seafood. Montanita though caters more for the international tourist and vegetarians, which sees the amount of seafood on offer drastically cut. In my opinion a positive of Casa Blanca is their choice of...Read More

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Casa Blanca Restaurante
Guido Chiriboga and Villafuerte
Montañita, Ecuador

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