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MagiQuest! A Must-Do in Myrtle Beach!

A May 2007 trip to Myrtle Beach by lprstn

Quote: If you are looking for a fun experience grab a wand and go on the quest of a true MAGI - Magician



My husband, our 4 kids and I went here two years ago and they saved their wands and asked to go back every year. Even the 12-year-old one loves it (and my 38-year-old husband too). It's set up like a castle with different rooms and two floors of fun. Your wand is swung to activate moving objects, talking clues, duels with dragons, and collection of items. It's a big scavenger hunt, so you aren't just waving your wand in vain. The wand holder gets to pick a name and an role, then choose a quest, then collect the objects on the quest, then when you are done you can duel with other wand holders. A definite must-do for families when in Myrtle Beach. I wish they had one in Orlando!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on August 7, 2007

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