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A Day and Night in the Water Gap

A July 2007 trip to Poconos by American91

Bushkill Falls Photo, Poconos, Pennsylvania More Photos
Quote: The Poconos in Pennsylvania make for a great weekend getaway for the millions of people living in NYC. But in one day and night, it is possible to take in a brief glimpse of the Poconos in the scenic Deleware Water Gap.

Pocmont Resort And Conf Center

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Following a few days in Philadelphia, we decided to take the scenic route through Pennsylvania as we returned to Connecticut. With a bit of wanderlust, we found ourselves in the Delaware Water Gap traveling to popular sights we found in promising brochures. Our travels brought us to the wonderful Bushkill Falls which took a bit more time than we had expected. We decided to stay a night in the area, and it just so happened that the Pocmont Resort was right up the street. As we approached the facility, we were greeted with a majestic building that was surprisingly large. We entered the hotel to see if we could stay for the night and found ourselves in a beautifully decorated, spacious and well illuminat...Read More

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Pocmont Resort And Conf Center
1 Bushkill Falls Rd.
Bushkill 18324
(570) 588-6671

Bushkill Falls


Bushkill Falls Photo, Poconos, Pennsylvania
Bushkill Falls is a beautiful hike set in the isolated woods in Eastern Pennsylvania. There are a wide variety of hikes available, each color-coded with a set distance and difficulty. All of these hikes pass by Main Falls, the largest and by far the most majestic, roaring incredibly loud and offering a refreshing mist to observers on the catwalk which traverses through the gorge. Of the many variety of trails, we chose to take the Red trail, the longest and most strenuous, which took us around the entire property, exposing small waterfalls not available on the main hikes. Beyond just waterfalls, this hike also leads to the Delaware Valley Lookout, which provides a panoramic view of the rolling hills ...Read More

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Bushkill Falls
Bushkill Falls Road / Rt 209
Poconos, Pennsylvania