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Tygart Lake State Park

A July 2007 trip to Grafton by MonnieR

Tygart Lake State Park Photo, Grafton, West Virginia More Photos
Quote: Hiking trails amid lush foliage, a 1,750-acre lake and 31 miles of shoreline make Tygart Lake State Park a fun place for the whole family.

Tygart Lake State Park

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Tygart Lake State Park Photo, Grafton, West Virginia
Winding its way amid rolling hills of Tygart Lake State Park is the 1,750-acre Tygart Lake, which supplies water for the nearby town of Grafton, West Virginia. The Tygart Dam, constructed in 1938 at a cost of $18.43 million, was built in part to control floods along the Tygart River Valley as well as the Upper Ohio and Monongahela rivers. Interestingly, back in the days when the region was inhabited by Indians, the lake was not a lake, but the Monongahela River, a park ranger told my husband and I during a recent visit. It...Read More

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Tygart Lake State Park
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