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A November 2006 trip to Belize by baang

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Wild Mangoes


Chef Amy - formerly of the Victoria House was delightful. We actually stayed at the VH and went to her restaurant several times during our stay. We usually go once or twice a year to Belize and when I heard that Amy was opening her own spot - I packed bags and called in a holiday! Always a treat staying at VH, but it's definitely not the same without her! Even though I know Amy, we received no special treatment, other than big hugs but briefly as she was busy in her kitchen. We walked into a very busy place, everyone seemed quite happy, we , as most do on the island gather with others and discuss our journeys etc...our meals were perfect, the service was great.After a couple of cocktails ~ we ...Read More

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Wild Mangoes

Ambergris Caye, Belize