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Villa Gregoriana

A May 2007 trip to Tivoli by pointofnoreturn

Villa Gregoriana Photo, Tivoli, Italy More Photos
Quote: One of the most beautiful Italian villas in the country - it is close to paradise!

Villa Gregoriana

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Villa Gregoriana Photo, Tivoli, Italy
We needed a break from Rome and my companion wanted to see Tivoli and its countryside, not to mention, the wonderful villas that are spread throughout this small city. Villa Gregoriana just was recently re-opened after a major restoration job. We opted just to do one because it was extremely hot that day so we chose Villa Gregoriana. We took the metro to Ponte Mammalo. We were told that we had to walk one floor up to get to where the COTRAL buses were and also buy our tickets at the ticket dispensers on that floor as well. They weren’t working so we went back down and bought tickets from an agent. Make sure you buy two tickets – one to get to Tivoli and another to get back to Rome. A single ti...Read More

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Villa Gregoriana
Piazza Tempio di Vesta
Tivoli, Italy

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