Paris Journals

Bonjour Paris!

A November 2006 trip to Paris by DLYupitun

Eiffel Tower at Night Photo, Paris, France More Photos
Quote: The most visited city in the world.

Bonjour Paris!


Eiffel Tower at Night Photo, Paris, France
Bonjour Paris! This "Most Romantic City in the World" is our most favorite. The food, the history, the culture, the lifestyle amaze us; and the plethora of sites to choose from can be overwhelming.

We spent a day in the world famous Louvre Museum, got a glimpse of Mona Lisa and explore its other collections. Climbed 236 steps to the top of Arc de Triomphe, visited Quasimodo in Notre Dame, ascended on top of the Eiffel tower to get a superb view of Paris, sipped a cappuccino in the Latin Quarter, watched the world go by in Place de la Concorde, visited all the arrondissements, and tried all the metro lines within Paris.

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