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Quebec City -- 399 Years Old.

A July 2007 trip to Quebec City by grannola

Paris Grill Photo, Quebec City, Quebec More Photos
Quote: We went to Quebec City for a couple of days.

Paris Grill

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Paris Grill Photo, Quebec City, Quebec
Paris Grill was located at the entrance to our hotel in Quebec City, since it was supper time when we checked into the hotel, we thought we’d eat there and save the trouble of finding our way back again.The adult menu was available in either French or English, but the children’s menu was in French only, so we had to try to figure it out. The waiter brought a lovely basked with warm fresh bread and water. He found a nice small juice glass for the 1-year-old to have some water in.The kids meals were about $6 each. They come with an appetizer, a drink, and dessert. The 9-year-old ordered the soupe-du-jour (which was pea soup), vegetarian pizza, cookies, and a Shirley temple. The 5...Read More

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Paris Grill
3121, rue Hochelaga
Quebec City, Quebec
(418) 658-4415