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Magens Point Resort

A June 2007 trip to St. Thomas by nancyandjoe

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Nancy and Joe

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Exterior View Photo, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Magen's Point Resort is a timeshare offered through RCI. It is located half a mile from Magen's Bay. My husband and I spent an entire week at the resort and were glad that we had enough activities to occupy our time on the island to avoid being in our disgusting room. This resort needs to be razed and rebuilt. Upon our arrival, we found the wall-mounted air conditioner turned off in 87-degree heat with 75% humidity. It took over six hours to cool the room down. The air conditioner is located above the bed, causing sleep disturbance because it roars all day and night. The box spring is stained with who knows what, the pillows are less than an inch thick. The smoke detector lay without a ba...Read More

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