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A December 2006 trip to Negril by yvonn22e

Club Ambience Photo, Runaway Bay, Jamaica More Photos
Quote: I visit Runaway Bay and Browns Town frequently and always have a good time. Next stop is Negril ATI in August.

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Club Ambience Photo, Runaway Bay, Jamaica
I first started going to Jamaica in July of '06. Since '06 have been there five times. I always find my way back to Runaway Bay because it is not so commercialized. The people aren't pushy and there are plenty of parties and things to do every day. I love the Blue Pearl Bar and Ziggy's Store next to Club Ambiance. Additionally, I developed a lot of friendships and experienced the real way of life in Jamaica. I enjoy the food in Runaway Bay and the parties at Margaritaville in Ocho Rios. I haven't really partied in Montego Bay, but I plan to hit that spot, Negril and Kingston in July - August of this year. I want to say wa gwan to Winston, Aaron, Karen, Ziggy, Marc, Barry, and Trees for always showing ...Read More

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Runaway Bay, Jamaica