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An August 2005 trip to Calverton by ripplefan2

Quote: Skydiving is an unbelievable thrill.

Skydiving on LI

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A couple of years ago my friends and I decided that we needed to do something spectacular with our summer; something that would go down in history. Somehow the topic of skydiving came up and that seemed to be the winner. I am one of those people who said that they would love to go skydiving but never really planned on coming through on that desire. It just seemed too scary. But after a quick hype up conversation, we were all committed to going. The night before we all went out for a drink and the actuality of the jump hit me like a ton of bricks and I started to freak out. I mean, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane! But after A LOT of Jack Daniels, my fears subsided and excitement fl...Read More

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Skydiving on LI