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A Jewel in Dixie National Forest

A June 2007 trip to Pine Valley by Linda Hoernke

Fly Fishing on Pine Valley Reservoir Photo, More Photos
Quote: Pine Valley Recreation Area is a beautiful wooded mountain with streams, hiking and horse trails, camping and picnic facilities. A great place all year round.

Pine Valley Recreation Area

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Fly Fishing on Pine Valley Reservoir Photo,
Pine Valley covers about 50,000 acres in what's known as the Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness. The mountain is part of a huge rock outcrop that forms the Pine Valley Laccolith...the largest in the United States. Mixed spruce, bristle cone pine, and Douglas-fir are found throughout the area. Beautiful tree lined meadows are the summer home to a large deer herd along with many birds including the red-tailed hawk. Pine Valley Mountain is actually an island surrounded by desert with summer days being warm with cool nights and winter months becoming a recreation area for skiing and other winter sports. The scenery is amazing with hiking trails that will take you to overlooks of the Dixie Basin and Zion Nati...Read More

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Linda Hoernke
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Pine Valley Recreation Area