Galway Journals

Galway: Capital of West Ireland

A June 2006 trip to Galway by ReachForAStar

Merriman Hotel Photo, County Galway, Ireland More Photos
Quote: Galway is a beautiful city in West Ireland. There's so much to do including tours, relaxing, and sightseeing. Castles are everywhere and touring one is a must! Many great hotels are located here along with great pubs.
Merriman Hotel Photo, County Galway, Ireland
This hotel has the largest thatched roof in Ireland. The hotel wasn't that great, though. The minute we got there, the water was brown and the toilet was hard to flush. When we did get clear water, there wasn't much coming out of the shower, and it was barely heated. There is one good thing about this hotel if you want to stay here: they serve wonderful meals throughout the day. There is a restaurant and pub located inside the hotel. If you're only staying one night, then it's an okay place to stay, especially if you want a pretty cheap price. I don't recommend any longer than a day or so. Across the street you can find several markets and even Dunguaire Castle not even a mile away. Rates during t...Read More

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