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A January 2007 trip to St. John by ripplefan2

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Quote: What an amazing island. It was great!

Trunk Bay

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I have been to St. John a bunch of different times, but I have only had the pleasure of going to Trunk Bay twice. Upon traversing the mountain terrains of St. John, you embark upon this cove like area that is Trunk Bay. Now, if you like snorkeling (which you must be a fan of since you are reading this account) but dislike crowds while viewing this underwater paradise of coral beauty, you might think that this place might not be for you. But please don’t let what other people might say about the large crowds because it is totally worth it. When I got there, I was severely depressed at the amount of people who had discovered this jewel of the underwater world. But, after putting on my ...Read More

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Trunk Bay
Route 20
Trunk Bay, St. John 00831
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Lameshur Bay Hiking

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While on we were on St. Thomas, my brother and sister-in-law decided to take us all around and explore. They picked us up at the ferry from St. Thomas with a Jeep they had rented, gave us all breakfast and then we headed off. The first stop on their agenda was a place called Lameshur Bay on the other side of the island. This is a secluded beach over the mountains with amazing nature trails. We pulled right into this three car parking lot, suntan lotioned and bug sprayed ourselves and headed off on the hike up the mountain. Our hosts had done this hike a couple years earlier while on their honeymoon and wanted us to experience it. With the beach to our right calling us with its cool, crystal cl...Read More