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A June 2007 trip to Knoxville by THE soni

Quote: Quick two-day trip to Knoxville, TN

Holiday Inn Knoxville-West

Hotel | "Holiday Inn Select Cedar Bluff"

Average-sized hotel in the business district of Knoxville about 10 miles from Tyson-McGhee Airport. Good front desk-service, but smallish rooms are nothing to write home about. Free Wi-Fi, but terrible connection unless you are in the lobby. Breakfast buffet is really bad with poor selection. The bar is quaint, and drinks are cheap. They also have happy hour specials (eg: Free Wings from 5-7 on Thursdays!).

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on June 24, 2007

Holiday Inn Knoxville-West
304 Cedar Bluff
Knoxville, Tennessee 37923
(865) 693-1011