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A Grateful Dead Weekend

A December 2005 trip to Albany by ripplefan2

Quote: Its cold, bleak, and a hell of a time.

Wintertime Blues


My buddy and I decided a couple of years ago to go see Phil Lesh & Friends perform up in Albany, NY, and also up in Buffalo, NY. We had friends living in each city and we had the car, all we needed was some money for gas, food, and beer. I got picked up from work in the late afternoon and we proceeded straight up to Albany. Three of our friends happened to be in school at the University of Albany and were living off-campus and offered to put us up. When we got there, we dropped our bags and filled up our cups with beer from their mini keg refrigerator. This is probably the best and worst thing that anyone can have in their house. We played massive amounts of beer pong and cups whil...Read More

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