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Dali Museum London

A September 2005 trip to London by ripplefan2

Quote: I found this place by accident and it was the greatest mistake I could've made.

Dali Universe


While I was busy getting lost in London, I stumbled upon a unique thing that was omitted from my Lonely Planet book; a Salvador Dali Museum. I was walking towards the London Eye, when I saw a great statue of Dali that wasn’t a statue at all; it was a street performer acting and dressed like Dali in front of this small, offset museum. So, obviously, I went in to explore because Dali is like a god in the world of art. The price of admission was £12, but I only paid £10 because of my handy dandy student ID. I swear, I will be a student for the rest of my life if I can, it gets me the greatest deals around. When I entered in the first room, I was immediately transferred into a mindset that...Read More

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Dali Universe
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