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A Weekend in AC

A July 2005 trip to Atlantic City by ripplefan2

Quote: AC is a crazy weird place surrounded by a terrible ghetto. But its worth the trip.

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What summer time would be complete without a trip to a gambling town? So we packed the car, grabbed whatever money we had and headed down to Atlantic City, New Jersey so a fun filled weekend. However, when we got there, there was some kind of conference and all of the hotels were booked. Luckily in Atlantic City there is a phone number you can call to see if there are any available hotel rooms. And the Tropicana and the Irish Pub Inn happened to have openings for the nights we were there. We happened to be near the Irish Pub Inn, so we went to try it out. This place is beyond shady. The guy had two rooms available; a two-bedroom and a one-bedroom (next to his) for $10 a night, but the floo...Read More