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A Short Vacation in San Francisco

A January 2005 trip to San Francisco by ripplefan2

Quote: I went here after college to kind of blow off some steam and have some fun

A Short Vacation in San Francisco


The Haight Ashbury is a phenomenal neighborhood and worth a good days wander through. Coit Tower, North Beach, Alcantraz, and the Wharfs are great. But, just hanging around this amazing city is something that all should try, if only once.Quick Tips: Depending on what area you are in interested in seeing, each neighborhood offers something completely different from the rest. So, grab a Lonely Planet and explore.Best Way To Get Around: Get used to public transportation. Buses are the easiest way to get around and they all run rather frequently, but just get a bus map first so you don't get lost, like I did. Try not to walk everywhere like I did, because your feet will be hurting the ne...Read More
I rented a room last minute at the Grant Plaza ( for about $65/night and didn't realize that Chinatown was a neighborhood that you should venture around in at night. When I checked in, I was brought up into my room, which resembled a studio apartment. There was a queen sized bed, a small closet, a TV, a night stand and a bathroom in the other room. This place was one block from the Chinatown Gates and very near the North Beach area. But, I would not suggest if you are staying in San Francisco to stay here. The rooms smelled of old food and the bathroom was barely clean. However, the food in the surrounding area was amazing; the best Chine...Read More

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Grant Plaza Hotel
465 Grant Ave.
San Francisco, California 94108
(800) 472-6899

Walking through Frisco

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After I dropped off my bags at the Grant Hotel in Chinatown, I decided (after looking at the crappy map the hotel gave me) to walk from Chinatown to the famed Haight (pronounced Hate) Ashbury region of San Francisco. The region is named the Haight Ashbury after the two busy streets that intersect near Golden Gate Park. My walk was such a bad idea. But I didn't know this, so I proceeded on my venture to the other side of the city. I did not realize that the city is nothing but hills, but I was on a mission. I headed down to Market Street and walked my way to the bottom of Haight Street. In front of me was a hill that seemed to go on forever. So, I gritted my teeth and embarked on my journey....Read More