New York Journals

Go to Coney Island Now or Forever Hold your Peace!

A June 2007 trip to New York by FastRabbit

Quote: Coney Island in Brooklyn is going to never be the same.
Coney Island or bust. Now I am serious, if you have never seen Coney Island you must now make the pilgrimage. Coney Island rests on the southern-most tip of Brooklyn, New York. The southern-most tip of anything is usually the most amazing. You have to go to Coney Island because it is a historical and cultural mecca of American culture and they are tearing it down. Nathan's Famous hot dogs, the most delicious hot dogs of all time, has made its home in Coney Island since 1916! I also truly recommend their cheesy fries. Wow! Just walking through the theme park makes you feel like something special. Half-drunk carnies try to get you to play their "fill the balloon with water" or "race the horse to...Read More