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Livingston & Victoria Falls

An April 2007 trip to Zambia by Linda Hoernke

Victoria Falls Photo, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe More Photos
Quote: Follow Dr. Livingston's path into Zambia. Experience Victoria Falls, the colorful town of Livingston, and the village of Mucuni.

Two Days in Livingston, Zambia

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Victoria Falls Photo, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
It took a long time to get through the border from Botswana into Zambia; very busy with trucks, cars, and people transferring between the two countries. The trucks and cars were lined up in the same line trying to go opposite ways. Women and girls were walking, carrying belongings on their heads. Men were loading heavy boxes of fruit onto a truck, border guards paraded around toting rifles, and little children were running about. We made it through the border and continued to Livingston. We passed small villages and people walking on the sides of the road along with many signs and billboards stating problems with AIDS. The land is flat but green and soon we saw a cloud of smoke in the distan...Read More