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Barcelo Marina Palace - not recommended

A May 2007 trip to Varadero by DeanCANada

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Quote: I would NOT recommend this place

Barcelo Marina Palace - not recommended


Travel Photo by IgoUgo member
Food: Terrible, lots of mold on bread, same food all the time Coffee: Bad Drinks in Main Restaurant : Often you get them when you are done with eating and want to leave. Mosquitoes: Lots of them Restaurants : Terrible, you never know what you will get, the food had no taste at all, you sometimes get old food, and service is a big zero Amusement Group: Terrible. These guys are just like tourists, laying on the beach and doing nothing. No involvement, no service at all. Resort: 5 stars? Yeah, right. Would rate it 3½ at most. It is mismanaged, and looks at least 15 years old even though it was built two years ago. There is mold on walls, paintings, and chair cushions. One good thing: Gu...Read More