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Blizzard Beach

A May 2007 trip to Kissimmee by mlynch24

Walt Disney Worlds Blizzard Beach Photo, Orlando, Florida More Photos
Quote: We went on a quick trip to Florida and did not want to spend the money for Disney so we checked out Blizzard Beach.

Walt Disney World's Blizzard Beach

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Walt Disney World's Blizzard Beach Photo, Orlando, Florida
We loved it! They had very little lines, we never waited longer than 15 minutes. They had 15 attractions broke into 3 trails, a lazy river to get around the park, and 3 areas for playing. My 4 year old grand son was tall enough for everything but the 3 steepest water slides.The attractions are divided into three trails, so you can do a trail area in about 3 hours. They have the world's largest waterslide.The staff were efficient and we could really play all day and not wait in line. They have play areas for preschoolers, teens, and a large wave pool. Some interesting things - they provide life jackets for little ones for free, but get there early - we got there late and my size...Read More

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Walt Disney World's Blizzard Beach
1534 W Buena Vista Dr
Orlando, Florida 32830
(407) 560-3400