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Tobermory, Isle of Mull

A May 2007 trip to Isle of Mull by dizzykitty

Quote: Tobermory experience, including whale-watching trip.



Upon finding the B&B, we were quite pleased, it appeared as it did on the website. We met Wendy, the owner, and she gave us the key and showed us the room. All seemed fine, although the TV had terrible reception. We found that all the restaurants were booked up and so, using a leaflet provided in the B&B, got a takeaway. Unfortunately, no crockery was provided at the B&B despite the fact that they are a good trek from the town and do not provide any meal options, but fortunately we had brought cutlery. We had an early night but left the TV on. The following day we set out early and, upon returning home, we were jumped by Wendy who seemed to have been listening out for us. She told us that we had stain...Read More

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We did not dine in the restaurant but instead opted for take away. However, when we picked up the food, the restaurant was practically empty with a few customers (including one family) in casual attire. The food was delicious, but slightly over-priced. I opted for the vegetable korma and pilau rice. The korma was light and mild, very nice, as was the rice. My boyfriend had the lamb jalfrezi and he said that the lamb was cooked just right. We also shared a garlic naan bread, which was also very tasty. The meal (2 currys, 2 pilau rice, one garlic naan) came to £23 (£20 with takeaway discount) so was a lot dearer than in Bolton but due to the quality of the food, and the limited number of dining establis...Read More

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Macgochans' Bar & Bistro

Restaurant | "MacGochan's Bar & Bistro"

Having visited the bar for a drink and a game of pool on our first night, we decided to return the next day for food after our trip out. I ordered the cheese and tomato panini which cost £5.95 and came with chips and salad whilst my boyfriend went with the chicken and mayonnaise panini, also served with chips and salad. They were generous servings, and nice, fresh food. I found the food to be enjoyable and delicious, and good value for money. However, my partner was not so impressed with his dish. We also shared a portion of nachos which again was a generous size and nicely prepared with layers of cheese on the nacho layers rather than all being melted on top leaving nothing but tortilla chips underne...Read More

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Macgochans' Bar & Bistro

Isle of Mull, Scotland
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Whalewatch Explorer


This eight-hour boat trip took us round the small islands near Mull searching for a variety of birds and cetaceans. We were lucky enough to spot harbor porpoises and minke whales as well as a variety of birds. We also stopped on a small island for lunch where we found a bay where we could sit and eat whilst seals came to investigate. We were extremely lucky with the weather, and the small island was like something that should belong in the Caribbean! The tour guides were friendly and helpful and kept in close contact with their other boats on trips in order to best locate the cetaceans. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone with an interest in nature, although the boat trip itself was worth the...Read More

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The Residents


Whilst Tobermory itself is a beautiful place, the people are less pleasant. We found the locals to be very unwelcoming and unfriendly towards tourists, despite the fact that they make their living from them! One member of staff in Spar, and two in the co-op treated us the way the average human being would whereas the majority gave us filthy looks and refused to speak to us. We don't know if it was due to the fact that we were young, or whether they simply didn't like the look of us, but trying to have a conversation with anyone was like trying to get blood out of a stone. No pleasantries were uttered, not even a hello or goodbye, or even thank you when we were served in shops and cafes. It has certain...Read More