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Blanco Lavender Festival

A June 2007 trip to Blanco by jen480

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Blanco Lavender Festival

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Blanco Lavender Festival Photo,
Lavender has been known throughout the ages for its medicinal qualities, as well as its ability to ward off evil spirits. During the Great Plague in 17th century London, commoners would wrap chains of the herb around their wrists to prevent infection. Years later, during WWI, hospital personnel used mixtures of lavender oil as a disinfectant. There’s even mention in the Bible that Mary wrapped baby Jesus in a lavender-infused cloth for protection against evil. Fast forward to today, and lavender is still a common ingredient in ointments and lotions that help to calm nerves. But, little did I know, that it also makes for a good way to spice up grilled chicken, margaritas, and ice cream (yes, even ice c...Read More

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Blanco Lavender Festival

Blanco, Texas