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A June 2007 trip to Astoria by ripplefan2

The Ladies Photo, Astoria, New York More Photos
Quote: Why blow all of your money in Manhattan when New York has so much more to offer just a train ride away?

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The Ladies Photo, Astoria, New York
Looking for a night on the town, just outside out of town? Everyone knows that New York City can really hurt the wallet and can be mean on the singles scene. But what about Astoria? Try using that monthly Metrocard for something besides getting to and from work. Jump on the N/W train and get off on the Astoria Blvd stop and walk to 24th Ave and 29th Street to the Bohemian Hall (The Beer Garden). Here you will experience the truly German phenomenon of beer gardens and Hefeweisen beer. Imagine a giant picnic area with a stage, good music, food, and beautiful waitresses serving beer that will put a smile on your face and a beautiful girl at your table. Although pitchers cost $20 each, it’s worth ...Read More

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