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Isla Guadalupe Great White Sharks-Mexico's Treasur

An August 2006 trip to San Diego by Jenna Robbins

Isla Guadalupe Great White Shark Photo, More Photos
Quote: Jenna Robbins first face to face encounter with the Great White shark

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Isla Guadalupe Great White Shark Photo,
The red rocks of Isla Guadalupe blazed in the morning sun, a clear sky welcoming us after a stomach-churning 14-hour crossing from our home port of San Diego, California. Lapping waves and the cries of fur seals on the nearby shore were the only sounds to be heard 150 miles from the mainland. The water roiled as foot-high fins sliced the surface like a knife through cerulean silk. It was a perfect day for a dive."We've got a 16-footer," announced Patric Douglas, CEO of Shark Diver at, the outfit leading our expedition. From beneath his shades, Douglas beamed like a proud papa as he pointed out the great white circling the cages. Not wanting to miss the action, I hustled to...Read More