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Blissing Out in the Beautiful Andes Countryside, E

A July 2006 trip to Quito by Eleven Shadows

Quilotoa Volcano Crater at 3500 Meters! Photo, More Photos
Quote: Llamas, peaceful hikes, gorgeous Andean mountains, and gourmet food

2500 Meter High Volcano Crater Lake!!

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Quilotoa Volcano Crater at 3500 Meters! Photo,
I took a bus to the Andean countryside west of Latacunga, first visiting Laguna Quilotoa. This incredible crater lake has blue-green water and sandy shores at 3500m! The rim is at 3854m, metric for "really freakin' high!". It was extremely windy as well, and very beautiful.You may hike here from The Black Sheep Inn or from Hostal Llullu Llama, or you may simply pull up in one of the daily buses that go here from Latacunga, which is easily accessible by taking a bus for several hours, heading south from Quito.This area is on the Latacunga Loop, a gorgeous area that is the most beautiful area of the Andes that I have seen so far, more beautiful than anything I saw in my tw...Read More

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Quilotoa Volcano Crater at 3500 Meters! Photo,
http://www.blacksheepinn.com/ Black Sheep Inn is an inexpensive, ecologically friendly hotel high in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. Black Sheep Inn is a B&B which features gourmet vegetarian food with organic produce from our gardens. The hotel is in a perfect location if you are a backpacker, tourist, traveler, or vacationer. Perfect for a family to see the real Ecuadorian Highlands.

There are quite a variety of activities to do here or you can simply relax. Horse treks, cloud forests, a cheese factory, river hikes, mountain hikes, internet, a library of books, talking with locals or travelers, a trip to the Don Bosco Woodworking Shop, or hanging out with llamas; it's really all good.
Coaxing Llamas on to the truck Photo,
After a blissful five days at the Black Sheep Inn, I left for neighboring Isinlivi, where I was going to stay at the Hostal Llullu Llama.

Andres, one of the owners of Black Sheep Inn, along with Michelle, had wanted to donate a couple of llamas to Hostal Llullu Llama. Andres had said, "Their name is Hostal Llullu Llama, but they don't have a llama."

I ended up getting to ride in a truck with two llamas, something I don't get to do every day! This was probably one of the more unusual departures for a guest at Black Sheep Inn!
Katrien prepares delicious food, Llullu Llama Hotel Photo,
After staying at the Black Sheep Inn in Chugchilan, I rode in a truck with two llamas along a winding road overlooking gaping chasms, gorgeous farmland, and rivers to the remote town of Isinlivi, which is at a slightly lower elevation, and therefore a bit warmer and less wind-swept than the Black Sheep Inn at Chugchilan, but no less beautiful. This was one of my favorite places on this trip. There's not much to do there, but that's sort of the point, isn't it? One wouldn't come here to go nightclubbing. But there's so much to soak in: treks, relaxing, reading books, enjoying the quiet countryside, going to the Don Bosco Woodworking Shop, feeding the llamas, visiting remote Andean churches, hiking a...Read More
Llamas in the Andes Photo,
Staying at the environmentally friendly Hostal Llullu Llama (http://www.llullullama.com/), a peaceful eco-lodge located in the beautiful Andean countryside in Isinlivi, I went on numerous day hikes. There's nothing as soothing as walking for miles and miles, listening to the wind, talking to the locals, seeing the beautiful patchwork farmland clinging to the sides of the mountains, and letting go. It's so relaxing.
Llama At Sunset in the Andes Photo,
This page is a special celebration of llamas. I know you love llamas as much as I do.

Much of my trip was in the company of llamas. They are outstanding traveling companions, and pleasant animals that eat out of your hand. I enjoyed many a glass of wine, some local Andean cheese, and a sunset with llamas as company. While I love talking with locals and travelers, there are times in which hanging out with a llama or two can be the most profound experience, the perfect experience.

This review is a tip of the hat to you, my llama friends!