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The Scent of Cologne

A May 2001 trip to Cologne by Barb B

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Quote: Heavily damaged during World War II bombings, Cologne has been rebuilt and is once again famous for its magnificent Gothic Cathedral, exquisite perfumes, and "Koelsch" beer. Great shopping in the pedestrian areas and the sense of humor found in its street sculptures enhance the "essence of Cologne".

The Scent of Cologne

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Cologne Photo, Cologne, Germany
Arriving on a Sunday morning, we had the opportunity to attend Catholic Mass in Cologne’s cathedral. The ambiance of the Mass celebrated in such a magnificent church, the sound of the majestic pipe organ and the music of the choir truly provided an inspiring visit. Even if you are not Catholic, you will enjoy this event. (Please note, pictures may not be taken during the Mass.) We discovered a real sense of humor in the whimsical sculptures we found in the streets throughout the city. The clock-tower with a pirate’s face on the front, a building with a little man "mooning" passersby, and Two ‘Laurel and Hardy’ fellows waiting to have their noses rubbed for "Good Luck". G...Read More