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Aziza Restaurant Photo, Cebu, Philippines More Photos
Quote: The entire city of Cebu has seen a tremendous amount of developments due to the new influx of IT businesses and tourism. Due to this, new restaurants, clubs, and shopping destinations have sprouted around the city.



Aziza Restaurant Photo, Cebu, Philippines
Aziza is one of the premier fine dining restaurants in Cebu. The restaurant is good for entertaining foreigners, business people, and socialites. It is located beside Tinderbox, a wine/deli place, which caters to people looking for a more casual place to hang out and savor wine.The food portions are a bit big for a fine dining restaurant for one entrée. The veggies used to decorate are similar from one entrée to another. Overall, the food is not as spectacular as you would expect based on the price and interiors of the place. A bar called the Z bar occupies the second floor of Aziza. It serves tapas and cocktails. Even though the food is not so lovable, you will definitely gawk at the ...Read More

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