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Cliffs of Moore

A travel journal to County Clare by Sunfibs

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Quote: Ireland is a wonderful place to visit, the area where the cliffs of moore are is especially fantastic.

Cliffs of Moore


The walk along the cliff is very relaxing and peaceful, the weather is very classic of the British Isles, rainy and foggy!!

Quick Tips:

I suggest bringing a rain jacket and an umbrella, and some film. I also would bring along some boots for hiking because in addition to muddy trails, there are many sheep droppings:-)

Best Way To Get Around:

Walking whenever possible on trails, otherwise, driving along country roads.

Barnsdale Hall Hotel

Hotel | "Dromoland Castle"

If you ever wanted to feel like a king or queen for a night, this is definitely the way to go. The rooms are exquisite, with fireplaces and ceilings at least 30 feet from the floor. As you drive in, there is a lake in which you can spend the afternoon canoing on, but don''t miss the afternoon tea and sandwiches. In addition there is a rose garden with flowers of every color!!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on July 8, 2001

Barnsdale Hall Hotel
Barnsdale Ave
Oakham, England LE15 8AB

Cliffs of Moore Photo, County Clare, Ireland
It is breathtaking as the fog rolls in off the ocean to sit and watch the beautiful surroundings. The trip up to the top of the trail is a bit of a hike, but is definitely worth it if you're up to it.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on July 8, 2001